Hemlock Hound Puppy Panniers Double Pocket Pack


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Embark on adventures in style with the Hemlock Hound Puppy Panniers Double Pocket Pack – the canine counterpart to our vibrant double-pocket waist pack! Your furry friend can join you in making a statement with matching gear.

Coordinate your walks, hikes, and outings with your pup by adding the Puppy Panniers to the size Large Hemlock Harness. Perfectly crafted to match your multicolored waist pack, this pack turns every stroll into a shared fashion statement.

Just like the people version, the Puppy Panniers are a burst of color, created from a mix of water-resistant Cordura and ripstop fabrics. The two zipper pockets offer a stylish solution for carrying your dog's essentials in a secure and organized manner.

Designed for lively pups, the Puppy Panniers are made to move with your dog. While the double pocket design ensures space for treats, waste bags, or small toys, it's crafted to be less restrictive. If your furry friend tends to bounce around with excitement, this pack allows for freedom of movement but may get bounced right over. You also will want to make sure that you balance your weight on both sides.

Easily attach the Puppy Panniers to the size Large Hemlock Harness using the dedicated connecting points. The result? A seamless fusion of functionality and fashion that keeps you and your pup ready for any adventure.

Just like its human counterpart, the Puppy Panniers are crafted from Cordura and ripstop that include some scrap fabrics from another business venture to minimize waste.

Designed to fit the size Large Hemlock Harness, the Puppy Panniers ensure a comfortable fit for your furry friend. Let them carry their own essentials in style and join the ranks of #brightenupyourpup and #houndandhuskyapproved adventures.
Gear up, leash up, and explore together with the Hemlock Hound Puppy Panniers Double Pocket Pack – where fashion meets function for both you and your furry sidekick!

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