Hemlock Hound Slide-On Collar Bandanas


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Elevate your pup's style game with the Hemlock Hound Slide-On Collar Bandanas – a blend of comfort, color, and charisma designed for dogs who love to stand out!

Say goodbye to the hassle of knots and fussy ties. Our Slide-On Collar Bandanas effortlessly slip over your dog's collar, ensuring a snug and secure fit. For those who prefer a classic touch, we also offer a tie-on fabric option for added versatility. but unless this is added to your cart this listing is just for the slide on bandana.

Discover fun and funky fabrics and hand-dyed wonders as each bandana showcases a unique combination of colors and patterns. From playful prints to vibrant solids, your pup can express their personality in every walk, playdate, or Instagram post.

The hand-dyed fabric adds an extra layer of uniqueness, ensuring that no two bandanas are alike. Your pup deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it in style.

The Slide-On Collar Bandanas are designed to fit seamlessly with most collars. Simply slide them on or tie them up, and your pup is ready to strut their stuff.

Add a pop of personality to your pup's wardrobe with Hemlock Hound Slide-On Collar Bandanas. #brightenupyourpup

Due to the nature of repurposing use fabrics in the dying process not all sizes are exact, the sizing given below is an estimation only. This size is a rough idea of length of the pocket that slides over the collar.

XXS 9” 3/4" webbing collar
XS 11” 3/4" webbing collar
S 13” 1" webbing collar
M 16” 1" webbing collar
L 20” 1" webbing collar
XL 24” 1" webbing collar

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